Too many clients that I’ve worked with have built out a website just to have a website up. But take what seems like years on figuring out the font on their business card.

They take the free website offer from GoDaddy, Yellow Pages etc and call it a day. Why would you spend more time working on your business card than your website.

I would take a guess and say if you wanted to purchase or product or service you would look at a company’s website. If the website was bad, you probably wouldn’t buy from them.

You have to make sure you do the same with your website. Build your website out with an objective in mind. Do you want to?

  • Sell Online Products
  • Book Appointments
  • Get Your Contact Form Filled
  • Get More Calls
  • All of the above?

Well you need to curate your website as such. If you want to get more calls to your website you need to make sure the phone number is linked on mobile so they can call right away.

Here’s the framework I use to determine the objective of a website.

  1. Start with the END result
  2. Work backwards and figure out the steps I need to get there
  3. Re-Evaluate to see if my steps are reasonable *important*

Steps 3 is typically the hardest. It’s a lot easier to get someone’s email than to sell a $5,000 product. Typically, you need to provide more information the more expensive your product is.

For example, you only need to know the price of a candy bar to purchase it. However, if you want to purchase a new fridge. You are going to look at multiple competitors, reviews, features and more. Build out your website in a way that provides the appropriate amount of information relative to your product or service.

Obviously there are a few more details here and there. But the general gist is there. By switching your outlook on your website you’ll get a lot more success with it.